Friday, September 24, 2010

"All jokes are based on truth!!"

All right, so this is one almost every sarcastic asshole has heard. You'll make a little joke, someone will get offended, you'll try to make it better by saying "It was only a joke" and they'll say "Every joke is based on at least a little truth."

WTF do you say? They're right. Everyone knows they're right.

The joke is based on a truth. Something about the joke is true. That's the point. How do you convince them otherwise though?

"No, I was just kidding when I made that fat joke, you're not fat..."
"I weigh 370 pounds!! I know I'm fat!!"

"I was just kidding the dress looks great on you. It doesn't look Lady Gaga + Grandma at all..."

The point is... there's nothing you can say...